Logitude First Class

Bring your business in harmony with CRM-Operations integration.

Logitude First Class makes the connections between all your business processes.

  • Fast quoting capabilities and effective quote management
  • Alert yourself to reach out to customers with decreased activity
  • Analyze customer commitment with actual shipment data
  • Manage customer performance with built-in dashboards and reports
  • Archive Outlook messages and attachments in CRM

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Further benefits of Logitude First Class

  • Remember every conversation, ever.
  • With more insight on the sales pipeline, spot trends and opportunities to refine sales efforts.
  • Naturally incorporated into Logitude solution
  • An end-to-end solution to bring operations, finance, and sales working seamlessly together.
  • Manages sales throughout the cycle
  • Manage opportunities, track business activities, communications, quotes, and much more!

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