Weight & Balance

A unique decision support system

Advanced, intuitive, user-friendly load planning

Our Weight & Balance solution is a powerful, yet simple-to-use tool for advanced load planning. Designed to make your aircraft loading more efficient, cut costs and make maximum use of available space, it seamlessly integrates into your existing IT system.

  • Next generation load planning
  • Designed by loadmasters for loadmasters
  • Optimized autoload can plan a full load in seconds with a single click
  • Loadmaster retains full control of the load plan

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At a glance

  • Faster - drag and drop load planning.
  • More accurate - use of formulas, no tables means fewer load planning errors and delays.
  • Highly efficient - optimized load planning delivers significant fuel savings.
  • Fully compliant - with IATA and EU-OPS 1.625.

Further benefits of Weight & Balance

Boosts your efficiency and productivity

  • Quick and easy to learn - simple, intuitive system reduces training/operation time.
  • Optimizes load masters’ day-to-day job.
  • Easy to read graphical loadsheet and load plan.

Improves your accuracy

  • Uses formulas instead of tables - this reduces errors and delays caused by re-loading.
  • Fully integrated - with IATA standard and airline specific business requirements.
  • Get alerts to help you avoid incompatible loads.
  • Increase flight safety - well-planned loads reduce aircraft stresses and risk.
  • Fewer manual input and errors - with integrated messaging.

Industry leading optimized autoload

  • Quick and easy - positions the whole load in seconds.
  • Simple and intuitive - drag and drop functionality.
  • Accurate - uses industry-leading rules based intelligent algorithms.
  • Significant fuel savings - by consistent achievement of target MAC, configurable by aircraft type or tail number.
  • Faster, more efficient unloading - thanks to intelligent load positioning for multi-sector flights.


"Coming from a manual load planning background and having experience with inhouse weight & balance solutions at other cargo airlines - CHAMP has by far the best, easiest to use and most convenient software. As an end-user, it has it all there!"
David Grymonprez, Ground Operations Manager at CargoLogicAir