Cargospot Business Intelligence

Cargo focused business intelligence

Unlock the business potential in your data

Cargospot Business Intelligence gives you an extensive range of standard management reports based on the entire shipment cycle. It’s designed to help you to extract the business analysis and management information you need to make the right decisions at the right times. Cargospot Business Intelligence incorporates:

  • Cargospot Business Analytics - an easy-to-use reporting environment
  • Cargospot Dashboard - delivers key indicators to give an immediate, intuitive view of performance
  • Cargospot Datamart - statistical reporting throughout your air cargo business processes for optimized performance
  • Cargospot Datawarehouse - provides a wide source of corporate information

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At a glance

Cargospot BI is the most important source of information for correct decision making, enabling airlines to optimize the revenue, performance and service quality.  Cargospot BI is used as a supporting tool for all essential air cargo business processes including operations, handling, quality, sales, pricing, revenue management, cost management, capacity management and network planning.

Further benefits of BI

Business intelligence for all

  • More effective management and business improvement - helps you extract value from the data within your cargo and enterprise systems.
  • Benefits a wide range of end users - from senior management to market analysts, sales and operational supervisors.
  • Wide range of support analysis - from day-to-day operations to specific business requirements.
  • Efficient distribution of information - between staff, customers and partners via e-mail, web portals and mobile.

Cargospot Business Analytics

  • Ready to use reports - covering all Cargospot modules including commercial, operational and financial management.
  • Supports your decision-making - with easy to create, customizable reports.
  • Distribute analysis easily - by web browser, e-mail, PDF or mobile.

Cargospot Dashboard

  • See key indicators of your business performance
  • Graphically analyses weekly and monthly developments
  • Easy comparison of route capacity, fleet utilization, revenues and yields with KPIs.
  • Monitor lead-time service levels and partner performance.
  • Compare forecast targets with actuals - and measure planning performance.
  • Manage sales accounts, report sales area summaries and station level KPIs.

Cargospot Datamart

  • Helps you optimize the performance of your operational and business intelligence.
  • Retrieve information easily - separate from the operational system, datamart holds both live and historic data, while maintaining operational transaction speed. 
  • Retrieve information easily - separate from the operational system, datamart holds a snapshot of your operational data together with advanced KPI calculations
  • Speed up your query response times - gives you pre-configured tables containing aggregated and pre-calculated values.
  • Enhance your analysis capabilities and perspective - with the addition of new data elements and sources.

Cargospot Datawarehouse

  • Cargospot Datawarehouse extends the Cargospot BI solution to cover a wider range of related business data.  This includes forecast and planning, agent loyalty, market data, cost data and mail data.
  • Cargospot Datawarehouse solution can be interfaced with customer’s existing business applications and provide an integrated reporting platform for all business data

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