Cargospot Portal

Empower your clients with Cargospot-powered services – directly from your website

Our web-based all-in-one cargo management portal is powered by your Cargospot Airline management application, extending its powerful and time-saving functionality to your clients – directly via your website and in your own branding. 

Cargospot Portal digitalizes and transforms your clients’ cargo booking, management journey and experience with you; increases efficiencies on your and your clients’ sides and improves overall customer satisfaction. An airline portal that offers a significant breadth of capabilities to digitalize your air cargo business.

As a Cargospot Airline client, Cargospot Portal enables you to offer your customers a range of out-of-the-box functions such as schedules, availability with price, booking, master/house airwaybill, manifest, status updates, tracking, and more. A portlet is generated with your company logo and branding elements and deployed via HTML coding that can be easily embedded into your carrier’s website.

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At a glance

  • Direct and easy access to your service
  • With interactive portals, you can give your customers direct access to your services through your website
  • Easy updates
  • Cargospot provides status and tracking updates, whenever it is required
  • Digitalization without reinvention
  • Harness the capabilities already available to CHAMP’s powerful Cargo Management Application without the need for further development.
  • Configured to your corporate branding
  • By personalizing different parts of the User Interface (UI), CHAMP can modify the interface to match and promote your airline’s corporate brand – including logos, font and box colors for example

Further benefits of Cargospot Portal

Your customers can create bookings directly into your Cargospot Airline system. You and your customers will receive real-time confirmation and can retrieve, view, and update bookings created from any source.

Through the service, your clients can:

  • Check schedules
  • Determine availability and price
  • Create and update bookings
  • Create, update and print master air waybills
  • Create, update and print house air waybills
  • Generate manifest information
  • Send status updates
  • Perform track and trace
  • Generate barcode labels 

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