Cargospot Weight & Balance

A diverse load planning support system for freighter and preighter aircraft

Advanced, intuitive, user-friendly load planning

CHAMP's solution is a powerful tool for advanced load planning. Designed with a freighter aircraft in mind to make your aircraft loading more efficient, cut costs and make maximum use of available space. Its automated system will boost aircraft performance, fuel efficiency - and therefore its carbon footprint. Furthermore, the solution also produces required legal documents and is critical to the safety of operating an aircraft, all while integrating seamlessly into your existing systems.

  • Specializes in freighter aircraft
  • Expanded feature set to preighter (pax-freighter conversions) aircraft
  • Next-generation load planning
  • Designed by loadmasters for loadmasters
  • Optimized autoload can plan a full load in seconds with a single click
  • Loadmaster retains full control of the load plan

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At a glance

Boosts your efficiency and productivity

  • Faster - drag and drop load planning.
  • More accurate - use of formulas, not tables means fewer load planning errors and delays.
  • Highly efficient - optimized load planning delivers significant fuel savings.
  • Fully compliant - approved by several national Civil Aviation Authorities including FAA, CAA and others
  • Quick and easy to learn - simple, intuitive system reduces training/operation time.
  • Optimizes load masters’ day-to-day job.
  • Easy to read graphical loadsheet and load plan.

Further benefits of Weight & Balance

Reduce load planning to seconds

The solution's AUTOLOAD feature performs load planning while respecting all underlying structural limitations and loading rules, which reduces fuel burn, thereby lowering the carbon footprint of the aircraft.

  • Quick and easy - positions the whole load in seconds, with simple drag and drop functionality.
  • Significant fuel savings - by consistent achievement of target MAC, configurable by aircraft type or tail number.
  • Accurate - uses industry-leading rules-based intelligent algorithms.
  • Supports all modern wide and narrow-body freighter aircraft
  • Faster, more efficient unloading - thanks to intelligent load positioning for multi-sector flights.
  • Can operate in remote locations without internet connectivity.

‘Preighter’ Weight & Balance

As the COVID-19 pandemic brought travel restrictions and slow down in air transport, the industry has established an innovative means to reconfigure grounded passenger aircraft into temporary freighter - using not only the bellies, but also passenger cabins for bulk transport. The need for expanding cargo capacity gave way to the 'preighter' aircraft. CHAMP has expanded its feature set in Weight & Balance for fast and simple to use planning on the modified main decks of these aircraft - reducing the load planning from over 90 Minutes to mere seconds.

  • Full integration of B777-200/300, B787-800/900 and Airbus A350-900 converted Passenger Aircraft
  • Main deck approach applied to the Cabin designed to accept bulk cargo load into pre-configured zones
  • Load planning achieved within seconds.

Improves your accuracy

  • Uses formulas instead of tables - this reduces errors and delays caused by re-loading.
  • Fully integrated - with IATA standard and airline specific business requirements.
  • Get alerts to help you avoid incompatible loads.
  • Increase flight safety - well-planned loads reduce aircraft stresses and risk.
  • Fewer manual input and errors - with integrated messaging and Microsoft Excel upload.


"Coming from a manual load planning background and having experience with inhouse weight & balance solutions at other cargo airlines - CHAMP has by far the best, easiest to use and most convenient software. As an end-user, it has it all there!"
David Grymonprez, Ground Operations Manager at CargoLogicAir

"CHAMP’s Weight & Balance solution works very well for producing reliable load planning documents, it is very easy to use and has a good user interface both for loadmasters and pilots. The training provided was excellent and allowed us to take ownership of our data in the system and produce loading instructions and loadsheets ourselves. All in all, a very nice piece of kit!"
Danny Mcintyre, Chief Technical Pilot at Longtail Aviation International Limited

"CHAMP is a fail-safe mechanism for an inexperienced user as well as a versatile and multifunctional tool in the hands of a pro. With safety in mind, CHAMP takes most of the human factor out of Load planning and delivers precision as a result while saving a lot of time in the process. By using CHAMP we were able to shift the focus of our load planing team from “simply getting the job done” to “how to get the job done better”, and thus improving the efficiency of loading."
Anar Mirzayev, Chief Loadmaster at Silk Way West Airlines

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