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Seamless communication between airlines, forwarders and the air cargo supply chain

Traxon cargoHUB is one of the best-engineered platforms for worldwide electronic data interchange. It efficiently links the entire global airfreight community, irrespective of their IT configuration or systems resulting in higher productivity and lower costs.

  • Improves supply chain quality and completeness
  • Booking, operations, document handling and customs processes executed and confirmed in seconds
  • Aligned with and updated to latest industry standards
  • Standard and custom message processing and conversions


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At a glance

Benefits for Forwarders:

  • Electronic access to 100 + airlines of the CHAMP community
  • Streamline your processes by automatic electronic sending of Master and House Air Waybill Data to airlines without manual intervention from forwarder system
  • Handling acceleration of your air freight at the carrier
  • Save on airline surcharges for manual AWB processing
  • Easy Track and Trace by receiving automatic electronic freight status updates from carriers
  • Engage in IATA e-Freight and e-AWB Initiative


Benefits for Airlines:

  • Electronic connectivity to the CHAMP global forwarder community with more than 4,000 forwarders operating from 9,000 branches around the world
  • Streamlines carrier processes by receiving Master and House Air Waybill date electronically directly from forwarder system
  • Save cost on manual AWB data entry
  • Increase data accuracy by eliminating human errors due to manual AWB data capture
  • Having HAWB data electronically eases security filing to destination countries
  • Enables you to participate in IATA e-Air Waybill/e-Freight Initiative

Further benefits of Traxon cargoHUB

Connect with the global airfreight community

  • Accessible to all parties - participate in industry initiatives like e-AWB, e-freight and IATA Message Improvement Program (MIP).
  • Improve supply chain data - share better quality, more complete data.
  • Share with non-traditional parties - for example customs authorities around the world.
  • Exchange data safely and simply with anyone - including multiple or independent partners.


Safe and efficient

  • Fast and safe - makes bookings, operations and document handling processes quicker and more secure.
  • Highly secure - confidential information is protected and only exchanged with agreed, trusted partners.
  • More efficient - standardizes processes, simplifies business procedures and helps you achieve higher efficiencies.
  • Improves customer service.


Supports all message types

  • Air waybills (FWB, XFWB, FBL, IFTMIN)
  • Consolidation manifests (FHL, FZB, XFHL, XFZB)
  • Error messages (FNA)
  • Acknowledgement messages (FMA)
  • Status messages (FSU, FSR/A, XFSU, XFSR/A, FAD)
  • Flight schedules and availability (FVR/A)
  • Bookings (FFR/A, IFTMBF)
  • Customs messages (CSN, CUSRES)
  • Flights (FFM, MVT)

*IFTxxx messages are EDIFACT

Most messages are also available in the cargoJSON format.

Supports customized standard messages and custom messages.

Delivers conversion to and from standard, and custom, message types.

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