TRAXON Premium Tracking

Improve supply chain quality and completeness

Traxon Premium Tracking enables you to track any AWB number, regardless if you are the originator of the FWB. By providing the AWB number via our API, and the solution takes care of everything else for you (trigger, timings, conversion etc.).

  • Get events that are configured to avoid repetitive manual checks and duplicate events
  • Allows you to track one or more AWBs for its full lifecycle
  • Useful for forwarders, shippers, and resellers requiring constant updates


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At a glance

  • Avoids development of complex status check logic
  • Fully automated communication
  • All events on record (last 30 days) are delivered as new trace job is created
  • System takes care of returning the events automatically based on what the airline provides
  • Select the specific events you would like to have and the event that for you will close the lifecycle (DEP, ARR or DLV for example, pieces also checked)
  • Only send new status update events

Further benefits of Traxon Premium Tracking

Connection types for receiving the status events

  • RESTful Web service
  • FTP
  • SMTP
  • MQ

Message formats for receiving status events

  • IATA CargoIMP
  • IATA CargoXML
  • cargoJSON

Start the Trace Jobs by sending one or more AWB numbers through our Rest API

(Can also send via any android or IoS mobile rest client/APP)

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