Bringing functionality and usability to the forefront, CHAMP can revolutionize your sales processes. Cargospot and other products, such as online portals provide a plethora of services to help increase your business sales efforts and results.  Automating processes and leveraging modern technology channels will help save you time and increase your customers’ user experience.

CHAMP's Sales Solutions

Cargospot Airline

This is the most widely used cargo management system worldwide, providing many of the main functions, including sales, allotments and flight schedules, availability and bookings.

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Cargospot GSA

Cargospot GSA is the most widely used sophisticated and comprehensive cargo management system. It supports multiple carriers’ accounting, rating and reporting requirements within a single platform, thereby eliminating the need for carrier specific terminals.

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Cargospot Quotes

Cargospot Airline Quotes Module is an optional feature which enhances your Cargospot experience that streamlines the process of quotes creation, authorization, distribution to your customer.

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DataAnalytics is an optional feature with CHAMP’s suite of solutions that take advantage of the enormous amount data already collected through daily activity. It analyzes and presents this data through a series of intuitive dashboards.

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Traxon cargoHUB

TRAXON cargoHUB is one of the best-engineered platforms for worldwide electronic data interchange. It efficiently links the entire global airfreight community, irrespective of their IT configuration or systems resulting in higher productivity and lower costs.

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FREIGHT.AERO is a new service portal that gives forwarders and shippers direct access to carriers who move up to 80% of the world’s air cargo. Forwarders want on-line visibility of schedules and availability, the ability to book shipments and then create air waybills to expedite the flow of their shipments.

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CargoUPDATE is a sophisticated, integrated online portal that lets air cargo participants and GSAs quickly and cost-effectively publish news to the air cargo community. You can post all kinds of operational information, press releases and other news of interest on CargoUPDATE. Subscribers also receive the announcements in email format.

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Logitude First Class

Logitude First Class is a low-cost pay-as-you-go option for participating in IATA’s e-AWB program and brings sales, finance, and operations all to the same place with a full CRM solution.

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