Cargospot Quotes

Simplifying the sales process from quotes to booking

Cargospot Quotes is an optional feature which enhances your Cargospot experience.  It streamlines the process of quotes creation, authorization, distribution to your customer and, upon acceptance, automated conversion of the quote into a booking.

  • The automated customized workflow reduces process times
  • Staff time spent on quotes related email and phone exchanges is minimized
  • Flight and rate information is linked to provide the best offer
  • Your customer can accept or reject quotes without contacting the airline

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At a glance

  • Streamlines - Acceptance of the quote automatically creates a booking
  • Flexible - The workflow can be tailored for each customer
  • Adaptive - Can be integrated to other non-CHAMP systems through its Open APIs
  • Multilingual - The process can be conducted in multiple languages

Further benefits of Cargospot Quotes

Speeding up the quotes process to close the deal more quickly

  • Captures and manages quotes to limit the time and effort spent by your staff in administrative tasks is significantly reduced, freeing them up to work on activities that add more value.
  • Details of the quote are presented to the sales agent with the most appropriate flight options, allowing them to select the flights and the rates that will make up the quote.
  • Customized workflows ensure proposed quotes receive any necessary authorizations before being sent to the customer.
  • Customers can automatically accept (or reject with reasons) the quote, allowing Cargospot to convert the quote into a booking without further staff action.
  • No need to search e-mail trails anymore - all information about the quote is in one place, showing the history of negotiations and the final results – Cargospot Quotes keeps your entire quotation process on the same page.
  • Next for Cargospot Quotes - the ability for your customers to create quotes requests themselves through a self-service portal, without the need to contact the airline by phone or email.

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