TRAXON Global Customs

Removes the need to invest in new technologies

Your one-stop shop for Advance Customs Information

In a world of ever tighter import, export and transit controls, our Traxon Global Customs makes providing Advance Customs Information quick, efficient and easy. Traxon Global Customs lets information be exchanged with various country customs authorities regardless of format, communications protocols or processing rules.

  • Adapts quickly to new country customs requirements
  • Reduces the risk of customs ‘holds’
  • Simplifies customs reporting using CHAMP as a single gateway to 65 customs authorities


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At a glance

  • Fast - speeds up communication with customs offices.
  • Seamless - provides a seamless interface to customs offices.
  • Saves money - reduces costs and complexity through a single interface.
  • Standardized - gives a reassuring common look and feel to reports.
  • Proactive - proactive automated alerts tell you when information is missing or when responses have been received from customs.
  • Full audit trail - includes all customs reports and responses.

Streamlines and reduces errors

  • Traffic light system - automatically alerts supply chain partners if vital information is missing (e.g. address details).
  • Assists data accuracy - messages can be duplicated and sent to the cargo management system.
  • Simplifies the process - data can be re-used from one customs authority to another.
  • Minimum change to existing systems - carriers/GHAs use existing messages for customs reporting and customs responses are converted to industry standard messages.

Flexible and scalable

  • Tried and tested – over 10 years of reporting, now to 65 customs authorities.
  • Continuously extended - in response to increasing demands for more advanced customs information.
  • Used by 110+ clients in the industry
  • A universal application and a single interface - as new countries are added the interface and logic of processing remain the same.
  • Easy to learn, easy to use.

For more information on Advance Cargo Information (ACI) and customs filing for air cargo, please click here.

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