Addressing more of our clients’ needs with our partners

When you fly on a Boeing or Airbus plane, it is one of their partners that made the engines. If you drive a car, it is likely that the engine management system was made by a specialist manufacturer. Cargospot is no different. CHAMP builds and supports the core system, but some key parts are provided by our partners. Our partners are highlighted on.

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What ChatGPT and other AI technologies offer the air cargo supply chain

As many of you are aware, ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), a free online chatbot in gestation since 2019 that launched in November 2022, has made a huge splash in the world of AI (artificial intelligence) technologies. Its implications for customer interaction, automation, and information exchange are massive. Not only will processes.

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Critical market insights to give you the advantage

Compare your business’ competitiveness to the air cargo market daily – for free – with CHAMP MarketAnalytics If your business volumes grew by 10% last week, was that a success? Probably, but not if the market grew 20%. Are you paying or charging a fair price for each shipment? You can only know if you have a benchmark with which to compare. Every.

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