Cargospot Handling

Easy to learn, easy to use

Drives the complete cargo handling process

Cargospot Handling is a sophisticated and comprehensive cargo operations and terminal management system that’s simple and efficient for ground handlers and terminal operators to use.

  • Complete inbound and outbound handling
  • Hub and gateway operations
  • Quality and service management
  • Advanced management reporting tools
  • Community integration and compliance
  • Supports customs and security compliance
  • Full messaging capability


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At a glance

  • Faster processing - with the integration of all cargo handling business activities.
  • Improves your cashflow – with speed and accuracy of invoicing.
  • Makes it quicker and easier to react to operational, market and procedural change.
  • More effective compliance with SLAs - proactive alerts ensure compliance with key Service Level Agreements.
  • Lower support and maintenance costs.
  • Modern, flexible and easy to integrate with third party systems

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Further benefits of Cargospot Handling

Complete outbound handling

  • Simplifies acceptance procedures - with automatic consignment information capture.
  • Streamlines charging - with auto calculation of handling and ancillary charges and invoicing and cash drawer management.
  • Easier ‘Ready for Carriage’ compliance - with dangerous goods validation and configurable security controls.
  • Industry standard messages - interfaced to departure control and weight & balance systems.
  • Auto transmission of electronic shipment information - to down line stations and customs authorities.

Hub and gateway operations

  • Easier advanced outbound load planning - thanks to early visibility of inbound trans-shipments.
  • Supports terminal, ramp and plane-side connection times.
  • Easier management of Quick Ramp Transfers - according to agreed connection times.
  • Easier handling of loose and thru-ULD cargo - thanks to simplified trans-shipment processes.
  • Key data at a glance - dynamic record of transactions against flight capacity provides an immediate view of booking performance, yield, total revenue and remaining availability.

Effective and rapid inbound handling

  • On-screen visibility of upcoming loads - thanks to automatic data population from electronic manifests and air waybills.
  • Improved productivity - with automatic message generation.
  • A streamlined handling and storage process - with import check manifest facility.
  • Automatic generation of Notification of Arrival - including email and Cargo-IMP.
  • Accurate calculation of handling and storage charges.

Common support services

  • Better accuracy and productivity - with easy capture of client schedules.
  • Ensure latest operational flights are available - with automated schedule change updates.
  • Customers are kept informed - with automatic status updates.
  • Irregularity and claims handling features - including storage of digital pictures and scanned documents.
  • Fully integrated warehouse management and bay planning.
  • Simplified, more efficient invoicing and payment management control.

Quality and service management

  • Simplifies KPI and SLI conformance - provides consignment and flight level service plans with ‘traffic light’ views.
  • Helps ensure service delivery is to plan - with the help of dynamic monitoring.
  • Proactive intervention - see early warning performance alerts.
  • Easier to measure performance - provides extensive automatic event reporting.
  • Enables conformance to Cargo 2000 quality standards and Cargo 2000 certified.

Advanced management reporting tools

  • Extensive reporting - with one-time capture of shipment and flight data.
  • Extensive, parameter-driven management reporting tools - in variable formats.
  • Improved ‘what if’ scenario planning - benefit from advanced business intelligence and KPI management.

Community integration and compliance

  • Easier e-freight compliance - supports paper-free transportation.
  • Supports commonly used range of communications methods - including e-mail/XML and IATA Cargo/IMP industry standard messages.
  • Simplifies interface with multiple customs authorities - conforming to varying declaration requirements.

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